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What's next?

Although friends and family may be able to listen and support you, we can also put you in touch with a specially trained professional called an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA). An ISVA can support you by:

  • Giving you advice on the options available to you
  • Supporting you whilst making any statements to the Police, if you decide to report the assault
  • Keeping you up do date with any court case
  • Helping you access counselling
  • Putting you in touch with other agencies who many be able to help you

Your Care Plan

When you leave SAFE Place you will be given a care plan.

The information in the care plan includes the following details:

  • All the care that you have received at SAFE Place
  • The name of your crisis worker, and other members of the team who may have seen you
  • Information about any other support which may have been arranged to follow your visit to SAFE Place
  • Advice that you should take to care for your sexual health
  • Contact details for other organisations who can also offer you support following an assault
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